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Hire Dedicated SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to bring traffic to the website. For having this benefits of search engine optimization you need to have off page and on page optimization process. For this you require a dedicated SEO for the optimization of your website. Hiring a dedicated SEO is the optimum choice to bring huge traffic and benefit from the online marketing. Hiring a dedicated SEO can bring in cost effective effort for the process and at the same time bring in a strong influence in the popular search engine results.

Following is a bird’s eye view of our SEO Agenda:

  • Proper understanding of the client’s requirement to plan the strategy to improve his business.
  • Aiming for considerable increase in the number of site visitors.
  • Elucidating the client’s position by competitor analysis.
  • Technicalities, Content and Copywriting information is analyzed.
  • Research and tracking methods to find the appropriate keywords.
  • Effective Link Analysis and building.
  • Improved Traffic, ranking and conversions
  • Social network advertising and Blogging.
  • Video and data sharing in the popular sites.
  • Perfect articles created with respect to the business.
  • Monthly submission of reports.
  • Latest techniques are relied for website updating.

Hiring a dedicated SEO for your company website guarantees you:

  • Excellent page rank by the popular searched engines.
  • Good resources on the website.
  • perfect project management
  • Cost effective.
  • Full time dedication to your website
  • Easy communication
  • Quick response to queries
  • Outstanding results from the webpage.

Hire a full time SEO to your website and enjoy all the benefits of an SEO at affordable rate and at first rate quality. Hiring a dedicated SEO has more advantage than a SEO company. A SEO company has skilled and highly qualified SEO but they might spend only few hours on your website and may take long time for the optimization process. You can instead hire a dedicated SEO to have full time attention to your website. The dedicated SEO works regularly and updates all the latest SEO trends in your website to increase the popularity and visibility of the website in popular search engines.

A dedicated SEO works as per the instructions provided to him and provide regular report on the activities he performed in the website and the performance of the website among the popular search engines. They schedule their work plan accordingly and completely utilize the time for your website.

Benefits of hiring a dedicated SEO

  • Guaranteed increase in your website traffic
  • Low cost
  • SEO work completely dedicate on your sites.
  • Brand able reports to forward to your clients
  • Manage your offshore SEO campaign efficiently.
  • Easy communication
  • Quick response to queries
  • Outstanding results from the webpage.

The main activities of a dedicated SEO include:

  • Keyword Traffic Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Competition Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Meta Tag Updating
  • White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Manual Web Directory Submission
  • Link Building
  • Submitting site to Social Book marking sites
  • Blog Posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Press Releases
  • Article Writing
  • Article Submissions
  • Traffic Report
  • Directory Submission Report
  • Back links Report

Hire a dedicated SEO for full time basis as per your business requirements. Dedicated SEO provide full time involvement on the following processes:

Content development: make the content of your website more unique and specific and include all the features and characteristics of the products and services offered with good language and creativity. The SEO makes the page more attractive and eye catching and draws the attention of more and more visitors to the website.

User friendly Interface: the SEO creates a more user friendly website and includes lot of text and images in the website without making it a mess but at the sametime develop an appealing outlook to the website.

Pay Per Click: the fastest technique in Search Engine optimization to bring in lot of traffic to the website. In this process the SEO chooses the right keywords that best matches with the content of the website and conduct PPC campaign. The best set of keywords is used for the advertisement of the product and services.

Link building: obtaining quality back links to the website require hard work and commitment. Only a dedicated SEO can search and find quality links to the website from related pages.

Ecommerce Website Optimization: completely analyze the competitor websites and put in all the efforts to bring your website to the top list in all the popular search engines.

To outline the procedure of a dedicated SEO include:

  • Perform background research
  • Create a hypothesis
  • Implement the latest SEO techniques
  • Analyze the performance of the website
  • Send in the report to the client.

Qualified SEO, PPC, Consultant at your service:

Our qualified SEO professionals will help you to enhance your business by planning the perfect marketing techniques especially for your business. Better place in the search engine is always the main target. But we also provide Project management techniques, increasing the number of visitors to your webpage. We help you to reach the target at the minimum time and make potential customers from the regular visitors. Resourceful and skilled professionals are working with us to extract the maximum result for your money.

Fees : $950 per month per full time resource

FAQ’s about the need of SEO and PPC Experts

Why do you hire an SEO Expert or a team?

  • You will surely get excellent returns for your business agendas.
  • The amount you pay for an SEO will surely be worth.
  • Focus on the cost cutting in various areas of your business.
  • Prospective customers will be increased.
  • Efficient optimization and analysis of your website.
  • Monitoring your competitors frequently.
  • Regular submission of monthly reports.
  • Well groomed team for your service

Who all can hire an SEO?

For promoting the products and services of any person or company online an SEO can help. For preparing a plausible propaganda and to comprehend your needs and requirements an SEO or an expert team is required.

Where can I get to hire an SEO Professional?

iBOT Solutions offers you to meet qualified experts in this field. You can hire one through online resources.

Is it possible for an SEO Professional to fulfill all my requirements in the given time margins?

All our professionals are qualified in the SEO Strategic management and are extremely resourceful. They can provide you the best results to place you at the top .

Is it possible to hire different SEO Experts for different kinds of project?

Of course you can! We have different professionals to handle different areas of expertise. iBOT Solutions consists of a group of professionally qualified individuals in this regard.

Is it possible to hire different SEO Experts for different kinds of project?

Of course you can! We have different professionals to handle different areas of expertise. iBOT Solutions consists of a group of professionally qualified individuals in this regard.

Following is a list of the professional services we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimizer (SEO): With 3-6 years of expertise to boost, these SEOs are at your service to promote your website worldwide by placing you in the top spot of the online search engines.
  • Link Building Experts (LBE): LBEs are trained to track different visitor links to your site and to maintain a log of incoming links. At iBOT Solutions we have the best people to monitor, track and maintain link logs. You get higher SERP and page ranking by the toughest LBEs in the field.
  • PPC Management Experts (PPC): They help in maintaining better PPC bids for your advertisements. For getting a better ROI you can contact these professionals.
  • SEO Content Writers (SCW): Our skilled writers will publish your website by writing articles to promote your product. They will also write web contents, blogs and press notes. The attractive content will give a good impression to your website. Our content writers work in close association with the market so they guarantee the best quality contents.

What are the charges to hire an SEO professional?

The amount charged by us is based on the nature of the job on hand. Please contact admin@ibotsolutions.com for quotes in this regard.

What are the offered resources?
-Pleasant working environment.
-5 days a week, 8 hours per day.
-Regular and constant updating about the SEO Process
-Appropriate and timely reporting.
-Competent professionals.
-Resourceful write-ups
-Regular updating of Blogs
-Keeping in track with the industry, so that you can stride along in the top-spots
-Availability of both hardware and software infrastructure, with multiple high bandwidth internet connection

Digtital Marketing ( SEO & PPC)Training


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