Privacy Policy

iBOT Solutions pave no way to keep or store any personal information about any of our respected visitors. The probable way if any of the personal information is passed over to the company is only for the sake of contacting the particular person in alternate periods as a reminder to accepting a package, events or service from us which has been inquired in any recent or distant past.

Any personal information provided to iBOT Solutions will be primarily safe within the company unless the persona asks for a revelation of the same to a third party.

The company declares its consistency over time by keeping its products and services so offered to a person updated from time to time.

Further, it is better to be understood that we have no responsibility in case of unforeseen virus attacks after opening our website that if at all have caused any important files of the person to be destroyed. As far as the best of our most updated basics, our website is totally free of any hazards till date.

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