SEO& PPC Consulting

SEO and PPC Consulting
SEO and PPC Consulting

Why Do You Need A SEO Consultant?

Online business is getting so popular and all the business entrepreneurs now creating website for their products and services. To get your website popular you need to have visitors to your website. You can achieve this target by online advertisements about the products and services.

The best affordable method for increasing the popularity of your website is through a SEO firm. A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knows well on how to bring potential visitors to your website. A SEO knows how the internet user’s serach

  • 1. Gather information.
  • 2. Commonly used keywords
  • 3. Popular search engines used by the users.

SEO and PPC Consulting

A SEO knows how to index your website with the popular search engines and make list of the commonly used keywords. This knowledge is more than enough for bringing great traffic to your website. We are well versed and expert in keyword selection, site analysis, competitor analysis, on page optimization, off page optimization, link building, directory submission, rss, xml, sitemap, article writing and submission, blogging, press release writing and submission, social media, online reputation management, viral marketing, video marketing, seo tools, seo software’s etc.

Keywords used to refer to a website are very important for search engine optimization. The search engine spiders crawl through the tags to get result for the search query. The main functions of an SEO are:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Meta tag Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Now that you are aware on the objective of a SEO you can get the help of a SEO consulting firm to get visitors to your website and increase your profit. SEO consultant can help you to get potential visitors to your website and there by increase your sales and services through out the globe.

Details About SEO Expert and Freelancer

Jitto Jose

My name is Jitto Jose, and by profession a certified SEO consultant. I’ve had great success providing SEO consulting services for businesses of all sizes, big or small for over a decade now. With my experience in the field and urge to learn and expand the firm more I’m now leading a team of writers, developers, designers, SEO, link builders etc Why have I been so successful?

What I got as an answer was by staying up to date with how search engines rank websites, implementing only the most effective SEO strategies, not over charging, delivering what I promise and providing a best-in-class service. I started my career started as programmer, and has developed more than 100 ecommerce sites and other applications with my expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, asp, php , asp.net, xml , Perl, interwoven team site interwoven, Photoshop, dream viewer, FTP, flash, MSAccess, SQL server, MySQL etc.

SEO and PPC Consulting

While I was working as programmer I got a chance to learn about online marketing, later I realized the scope of online marketing then I start concentrating as a full time online marketer and spend only 20% for coding. With my growing interest in the sector I have never missed any conferences regarding the topic and have flied to attend SEO seminars in Mauritius and Australia. One of my major achievements in the field was to demeanor promotion through online leading cruises operator in Sydney.

As a starter I had optimized more than 400 sites, which includes travel, health, training, services, classified, news site etc. After 4 years worked as an online marketer I got offer from jet airways where I optimized their both sites jetairways.com and jetlite.com both are getting more than 200000 visitors daily. That was the biggest project I did so far, worked with more than 40000 pages, used more than 200000 keywords etc.

Since I am a web programmer I could easily optimized e-commerce based sites. I increased from PR0 to PR 4 within short period of time by collecting quality links. I am an expert author in ezine and other publications. Give consulting services to UK, US and Indian Based clients.

SEO and PPC Consulting

I only started PPC campaign for jet airways and jetlite.com for that I spend $10000 daily for both sites by using more than 300000 keywords. I did campaign with Google, yahoo, msn, miva, 7 searches, enhance etc. I can assure to all client good ROI by setting goals and using conversion tracking tools.

I am not focused on bringing lot of visitors, focus of increasing business by bringing potential customers from targeted place. I’m well expertise in multilingual SEO also. I can promise to all my clients that by using my 8 years experience in web programming and online marketing, I can give them top position for all major search engines.

We are focused on bringing potential visitors to the website from all over the world. We are offering your services with utmost sincerity and dedication and we welcome clients who can afford more than $10000 budget for online marketing per year which is very less when compared to the benefit you are going to receive from your services.

Top placement of your website by devoted SEO Consulting.

We will enhance your business advertisements and target by a well defines SEO Consultant strategy. We have professionally qualified SEO Consultant who will individually focus on your business objectives and prepares the best propaganda for you business promotion. Creative and innovative ideas will be given by the SEO consultant.

We will put forward new objectives, new marketing strategies, advertising campaigns for improving the online market of the client’s business. Our expert SEO will valuate the nature of visitors and elucidate steps to increase the potential clients. To attract more visitors comprehend success matrix will be prepared.

Appropriate keyword selection itself will give excellent results. The SEO Consultant will figure out the qualities of marketing and messaging information. Extensively we provide the best keywords related to your site. The best single word will be enough for a great result.

Following is a bird’s eye view of our SEO Agenda:

  • Proper understanding of the client’s requirement to plan the strategy to improve his business.
  • Aiming for considerable increase in the number of site visitors.
  • Elucidating the client’s position by competitor analysis.
  • Technicalities, Content and Copywriting information is analyzed.
  • Research and tracking methods to find the appropriate keywords.
  • Effective Link Analysis and building.
  • Improved Traffic, ranking and conversions
  • Social network advertising and Blogging.
  • Video and data sharing in the popular sites.
  • Perfect articles created with respect to the business.
  • Monthly submission of reports.
  • Latest techniques are relied for website updating.

We help to enrich your business.

The SEO consultant will make your website in the top ranking in the search engine and sustain the result throughout. The job profile of an SEO Consultant is the following:

  • Primarily understand the clients business and services and recognize his requirements.
  • Thorough analysis of the competitor’s strategy.
  • Complete analysis of the website of the client.
  • Finding the exact keywords with respect to the client s business.
  • Proper placing in search engine result
  • Source code optimization including the HTML, XML, URL, tags, Titles etc
  • Page layout recommendations
  • Flash files and videos are recommended fro the proper places.
  • Social networking site advertisement.
  • Effective listing of the link buildings
  • Reporting the results to the customer every month.
  • Regular evaluation and updating of the webpage.


The following are the protocols used for the SEO Process to suit various clients requirements.. With the awesome response we have received in this regard, we are confident enough that the same will bring out the best results for you.

  • Webpage identification
  • Appropriate keyword selection with respect to the client’s requirement.
  • Keywords are given for approval from the client before the submission.
  • Through baseline reporting a list of primary and secondary keywords are selected
  • Optimization and analysis of the critical elements.
  • Timely recommendations for the changes in client’s website.
  • Analysis and implementation of the changes made in website.
  • Article submissions to Search engines and directories.

Writing Press Releases and Copywriting are Optional SEO services.
Consultation Charges:
The SEO Charges are rated in agreement with project.

Digtital Marketing ( SEO & PPC)Training


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