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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) creates a steady platform with quality content and draws thousands of visitors to your website. It is a popular internet-based advertising technique that can gain you lot of popularity, visitors and also huge network with numerous back links to the website.

Social Media Marketing

This advertising technique is adopted by our SEO’s and has generated huge traffic to the websites. It all begins with the content that reaches the hands of an SEO. They create relevant web widget, video content, or any such interesting promotion gadget and upload them to the social media networks were the users browse for interesting and entertaining features. The popular social networks like Face book, Twitter, MySpace, etc, will provide a powerful launch to these contents.

You can get all kind of support from your expert for the media marketing for your website. To make it once more clear we would use all the available resources to initiate your website with a bang. The first thing we do for this start up is to create attention-grabbing blogs and motivation articles on a regular basis that runs well on social media networks. There are thousands of visitors daily in the social sites like Twittr,Facebook,Stumbleupon,Reddit,Propellor, etc and the readers would hoist the articles to know more about it. Through social media you can get thousands of visitors all around the world and also quality back links from numerous websites that share similar content.

The social media networks cart people’s opinions and views and can be bound for increasing the brand recognition of your company.

Other advertising strategies that we follow for social media marketing include:

  • Search for similar communities that can complement your company.
  • Make public company profile
  • Include features like social book marking
  • Create blog
  • Welcome back links to your website
  • prop up viral content
  • online interaction sessions
  • Monitor the performance of social media services.
  • Status management
Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization and social media marketing together can do a lot of good to your website. They follow a social road May in which they choose the viewers, their first choice and sharing, announce the objective, include interesting content and interact, monitor the performance of the media and measure the goals.

To make it up to the point let us point out few reasons why social media marketing is important in the SEO activities. The impact produced by media marketing is tremendous.

First of all, getting quality back links to the web page. This can influence in the page rank of your website provided by the search engines.

Secondly, the ranking of social networks by search engines in very high. This could benefit you by managing to acquire recognition by the search engines. Through these media people come to know more about your company profile and view them.

Finally, you can increase the page rank of your website through viral videos and text images uploaded to social networks. Thousands of people browse through these websites for daily updates of entertainment and others. This increases the chances of getting your videos viral and popular among the folks.

For the beginners, SEO and social media marketing can be very helpful .For small business corporations their activities would be limited to a local area. SEO and social media marketing helps in a better way as you can transport your business across the world and bring in customers for your products.

We are providing all kinds of activities that are necessary for the branding of your company website. Social Media Marketing is very powerful technique to enhance the visibility and popularity and draw more visitors to the website and brand your company. More visitors can bring more profit to your business.

SMO Process Economic Silver Gold Dedicated
Pricing (monthly) $300 $450 $550 $850
Man Hours (monthly) 30 50 70 120
Social Bookmarking 30 50 70 120
(Bookmarking Service/product page/article/News/Blog post/story in top visited bookmarking sites - shareable among networks, drive
Social Media Networking
(Promoting your business through creating networks in most popular & your targeted communities - boost traffic & create brand identity)
twitter Right Right Right Right
facebook Right Right Right Right
linkedin SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net Right Right
Myspace SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net Right Right
Kaboodle (only for product based sites) SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net Right Right
Other relevant Social Media Sites SEO   Packages.net 5 7 10
Video Marketing
(Promoting your business through video sharing sites - drive masses of traffic from video sites having high visits)
No. of Videos to be promoted (Videos provided by client) 1 1 1 2
Video Optimization Right Right Right Right
Youtube Right Right Right Right
Metacafe Right Right Right Right
AOL Right Right Right Right
other video sharing sites (for each video) SEO   Packages.net SEO   Packages.net 10 15
(Creating interesting blog posts & regularly updating official blog - create brand identity & gain returning visitors/subscriptions)
Blog Setup  
(on Wordpress/Blogger platform) Right Right Right Right
(Wordpress blog integration on site domain) SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net Right
Blog Optimization (Navigation/Subscribe option/Plugin) Right Right Right Right
Blog Post Updation 2 (Provided by client) 4 (Provided by client) 4 8
Blog Marketing SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net Right Right
Blog Commenting SEO   Packages.net SEO   Packages.net Right Right
Article Promotion
(Creating business focused articles & publishing them in popular article sites like Ezinearticles, Articlebase etc.- generate backlinks & real traffic)
Article Creation 1 (Provided by client) 2 (Provided by client) 2 4
Article Submissions (for each article) 30 40 60 100
Press Media Exposure
(Creating & Distributing news article or media release in popular News sites like Bignews, Prinside, Sbwire etc. - gives instant exposure & quality traffic)
Press Release Creation 1 (Provided by client) 1 (Provided by client) 1 2
Press Release Submissions 10 20 30 40
Content Sharing Sites
(Creating content networks and publish content in impressive way - Gives more exposure and boost ultimate readership)
Squidoo lens creation Right Right Right Right
Hubpages Right Right Right Right
Scribd Right Right Right Right
Ning Right Right Right Right
RedGage Right Right Right Right
other relevant Content Sites SEO Packages.net SEO Packages.net 5 10
Pricing (monthly) $ 300 $450 $ 550 $ 850

* Videos will be provided by client
* Strategy may vary as per the site theme & targeted community, however total man hours specified will be    spent in the marketing campaigns
* Reports will be given monthly
* Access details to all the accounts will be provided to the client

All the above packages include the following:

  • Submissions will be done manually by trained experts
  • Submissions will be done in relevant and quality directories
  • All our services are Ethical, search engine compliant and SEO friendly
  • Articles and Press releases will be unique & user friendly
  • Articles & Press releases will be approved by the client before submitting
  • Quality and popular directories will be chosen for submission
  • We create unique email account and user account for each client
  • All social bookmarking will be optimized with proper tags and titles
  • We would be accountable for submissions only. Detailed submission report will be provided.
  • Social Networking and forum posting will be done in the targeted nich

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