Terms and Conditions

The agreement supports the deal amongst he prson (you) and iBOT Solutions having its registered office in the city of Cochin in Kerala, India with registration number as: ……………

Definitions and Interpretations

  • Marketing person: Our representative who is explaining you about our Services
  • The Person/People: means our valued customer ie ‘You’
  • Business Deal / Contract: means the deal signed between iBOT solutions and the person
  • Business Day is a day other than Sunday or public holidays in India
  • Business Hours is between 9 am and 5.30 pm on any Business Day
  • Charges/ Charges toward the Service means the amount charged for the Service as set out in the Order Form / bill whatever related
  • Content means any information provided to us or that we provide you to pass any sort of information or used on your / our Website / Literature.
  • Event Unforeseen is the occurrence of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company including industrial action, strikes, lockouts, blockades, riots, act of war, piracy, destruction of essential equipment by fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, failures of, shortages in or a loss of access to equipment, power, supplies, fuel or transport facilities
  • Live Date means the date on which the SEO / PPC advertising goes live and viewable
  • Pay per Click budget is the amount available with the person to spend on PPC advertising each month
  • Cost Extras means the amount that needs to be spent in addition to the Pay per Click Budget that you have to pay for the very Service
  • Order Form is the form that contains the details of any Service that you have registered for provided by iBOT Solutions
  • Performance Metrics is the number of clicks, impressions, Visits and etc that are provided to your website by our various services
  • Search Engines are websites that collects and organises content from the Internet
  • Service The AdWords campaign set out in the Order Form
  • PPC Pay Per Click
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • ORM Online Reputation Management
  • India means the country just to the South of the Middle East

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